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Friday, September 28, 2007

WTSIM.....Rhubarb and Pineapple Chutney

With the time I've been spending in the kitchen these days, I only need to be barefoot and pregnant to complete the picture of utter domesticity. Cue: little girl L screams and baby A cries simultaneously. There goes the idea of being pregnant again! At least the barefoot bit is not so improbable given that my shoe fetish has been usurped by produce mania. Now when the urge to shop hits, I come home with a basket full of fruit and vegetables instead of a pair or two of high heels. As is always the case with impulse buys, the loot then stares at me from the kitchen table and I'm left to wonder what to do with it.
It is very timely then that I came across the announcement for the latest round of 'Waiter! There's something in my...' event. The theme of savoury preserves gave me an idea before the pineapple and rhubarb in the fridge start feeling dejected.
That handsome hunk of a pineapple was winking at me at the fruit shop ( I swear!) and had to take it home, ignoring the fact that it made the pram basket drag on the floor from it sheer weight. Then some slender batons of rhubarb beckoned from a corner. Of course I had to pick up a few of these pretty little things. Half of the pineapple was eventually cut up and simply enjoyed. Then my sister comes around bearing gifts- a generous supply of vanilla eclairs from the Lindt coffee shop. The rest of the pineapple got banished to the back of the fridge and I knew that a rhubarb pie just won't get a look-in when these evil (and utterly delicious) eclairs are around.
So I made a chutney. A rhubarb and pineapple chutney. The left-over pineapple and few pieces of rhubarb only made a small bottle, which is a shame. This chutney turned out quite good and I can see such versatile uses for it. I've had it with curry, as a dip for pappadums and used it as a glaze for some oven-baked chicken. I believe it will also go well with cold meats in a sandwich, in place of mayo.

Rhubarb and Pineapple Chutney

200g rhubarb, cut into 1cm pieces
200g pineapple, cut into 1cm chunks
1tsp minced garlic
1tsp minced ginger
1 Tbsp black mustard seeds
150g brown sugar
250mL white vinegar
1tsp salt

Combine all ingredients in a heavy saucepan. Simmer in low heat, stirring frequently until that baby is thick and gooey, around 1hour. Put into a hot sterilised jar.

Can't wait for the WTSIM round-up by Johanna- thepassionatecook. I'm sure it will turn out a lot of delicious ideas to try next time.


Anh said...

Your chutney sounds really nice. I always like rhubarb, so when I get all the ingredients, I may give this a try!

thepassionatecook said...

mmmmh! very tempting! i am a rhubarb addict, have made some rhubarb and nectarine chutney before, but the pineapple sounds great too! i know what you mean about the shopping: gorcery shopping is all i can manage with my two boys (8 months and 3.5 yrs) at the moment - anything that involves trying on something is unthinkable! especially now that they're wearing coats and it's a whole palaver to get them undressed and dressed again every time you go into a shop... groceries are so much less maintenance ;)
thanks for taking part in WTSIM!

desie said...

thanks anh. this might even go with some of your wonderful crispy duck!

thanks for visiting johanna. kids are such a joy, aren't they? but they do turn one's life around. little outings just take a little bit longer to organise....looking forward to the WTSIM round-up!

Kajal@aapplemint said...

i've still havent been lucky enough to try some rhubarb, and everytime i see fellow bloggers use it ...i'm like damn not this rhubarb again ! I really wish i could tell you ..oh that sounds fantastic...but i cant :( ...i really would'nt know what it tastes like !

Coffee and Vanilla said...

I love rhubarb but I have never tried it in savory dishes, only in pies, sweet soups and yogurt... I have to try this.
Thank you for sharing!

desie said...

oh kate, it is a wonderful vegetable, unusual in that it is cooked as fruit would be. what's the customs security like where you live? maybe i can get some vacuum-packed rhubarb stalks and send it to you?

hi margot. this is the first time i used it in a savoury recipe myself. whenever i get rhubarb, it goes into a pie.

zlamushka said...

Hi there, just got here through WTISIM.... round up. What a great chutney idea. I love to give away mine as presents. Talking gifts.. I myself am hosting an event that is dedicated to giving food as a present. I would love you to have a look and maybe you could come up with something? http://www.burntmouth.com/2007/10/spoonful-of-christmas.html

Anonymous said...

wow, this looks like such a great combination together. was it very tart?

desie said...

thanks for visiting zlamushka, will have check out the link and try and think up of something for the event.

hello marvi. no, it wasn't very tart. probably because the pineapple i got was very sweet. you can also adjust the vinegar amount to suit the acidity your after.

Anonymous said...

Now that I have (finally!) tasted rhubarb I can imagine how good this chutney must be! :) Sounds like an excellent combination!

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant! You are so clever and now I look clever thanks to you too! Your chutney recipe is super easy, delicious and perfectly balanced. I am a first time chutney-maker and I feel empowered to try more now!
My condiments to you, thanks again!