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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Waving not Drowning

Despite the lull in posts, I am still here. Dear Sweet Margot of Coffee and Vanilla noticed my absence and I have been amiss in failing to warn my lovely bloggy friends of the (unintended) break.Here I am popping my head up to say a quick hi. All is well, though I have been very emotional about trying to cope with the new routine the new year has brought in.

After 13 months of spending almost all of my waking hours with my two angels, we are preparing for my return to full time work. The kids are now at daycare a few hours each day, five days a week to get them used to it. After a week and a half, there are still tears from the little boy at drop- off and of course, I am a mess by the time I get back to the car.While they are out of the house, I am busy with speaking to resource agencies trying to line up a suitable contract for myself. We are also busy preparing for my in-laws' arrival. Hubby has been busy renovating our guest accomodation and I am looking around for things to fit the flat out with.

I am still cooking! Just have even less time now to take photos and write about it. I am terribly missing my favourite blogs and seeing what everyone is up to. Rest assured, I will be back to see what you wonderful foodies have been up to. I will also be scouring your sites for quick and easy meals for my family.
Keep on cooking!



Manggy said...

No worries, Maybahay, just get everything in order and everything will follow :) I feel bad for the little one though :( Oh well, in the long run it will be better for them. Sigh!

Laurie Constantino said...

I've been missing your posts, so am glad to hear all is well, though more than a little disrupted. Good luck with getting a good contract and entertaining your in-laws!

Cynthia said...

You have a lot to deal with right now hon. Go on and do what you have to do. Thanks for updating us and we will look out for your return whenever you are ready and have the time.

Dhanggit said...

hi dessie...i know how it feels i'm not yet there but i guess soon i would find myself on similar situation...goodluck dear :-)

ps, im glad to be back, my dad is out from the hospital now

Kate / Kajal said...

Hey Mabahay , wish you luck with all the juggling between work , kids and cooking . I know it aint easy , so dont worry about us. We love you and will always drop by.

N that’s a lovely pic of you n your cute kids :D

Barbara said...

You LMP does look good even if you think it was sad.