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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Joy of Eating#1

Sometimes I wish that I could go back to the time when I first experienced certain tastes.
Not just the ones I enjoyed but even the ones I didn't quite like at first.
I know that I didn't always like cheese but over the 5 or so years that I lived in Switzerland, I must have eaten my weight in cheese (post baby weight, too!). What changed?
I detested vegetables as a child and now I absolutely love them. Looking back, how I wish I had made a diary of foods I ate and liked for each year of my life.

L at 6 months, not sure about her apple and bilberry puree

When I look at my children, I get so excited for them knowing there's a whole new frontier of taste, texture and colour of food they are yet to experience. I just hope they will be blessed with the same joy I get from eating and cooking with loved ones.

A at 6 months, licking the last of the pumpkin mash

L, at 18 months, enjoys an ice cream cone


Margot at Coffee & Vanilla said...

Your children are sooo cute! My daughter is 2 years old now, she has very strange taste, loves sour and salty things... from my apple pie she is eating out fist sour apples and then sometimes eating the rest.

maybahay said...

thanks margot. they are such a joy.
2year olds are so interesting, aren't they? they are such little persons but know exactly what they want.

dizzyjadey said...

So cute! Have you let Little A eat with his hands yet? I'm still scare to let the bub loose on her meal, although she seems to be okay with bigger pieces....like blueberries.